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Offshoring to Nigeria: 5 Advantages of Business Process Outsourcing

February 2, 2024


In today’s dynamic business landscape, offshoring has emerged as a pivotal strategy for organizations aiming to streamline operations and achieve sustainable growth.

This article explores the strategic advantages of collaboration in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) landscape, highlighting the impact on efficiency, cost savings, and market competitiveness, with a focus on Nigeria as a key offshore destination.

Collaboration and offshoring are standard business practices that organisations employ to enhance efficiency, optimise resources, and drive positive outcomes.

In today’s business landscape, organisations navigate the murky waters of business through collaborative efforts and strategic outsourcing.

While collaboration involves working with internal and external stakeholders to achieve common goals, business process outsourcing entails delegating specific business functions to external specialists not necessarily based in the organisation’s home country.

When implemented effectively, these practices positively impact your organisation's bottom line.

What Is Business Processing Outsourcing (Offshore Outsourcing)

The advantages of business process outsourcing include enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and allowing the organisation to focus on its core competencies.

This model enables businesses to access various services, such as customer support, finance and accounting, human resources, and information technology.

The outsourcing partner, often located domestically or internationally, brings specialised skills, technology infrastructure, and industry expertise.

This collaboration allows organisations to leverage economies of scale, access global talent pools, and adapt to changing business requirements with greater flexibility.

Globally, many businesses worldwide are adopting BPO to drive profitability. Within the past 5 years, BPO has gained so much traction. According to Statista, the BPO segment in Nigeria is projected to grow by 12.90% (2023-2027).

Driving Profitability Through the Advantages of Business Process Outsourcing

When strategically implemented, offshoring can drive business profitability in several ways Let us look at some factors that can drive your business profitability. 

One of the benefits of offshore outsourcing is cost saving. Labour costs in some parts of Africa, such as Nigeria, are relatively low, helping reduce operational expenses. 

Another reason your organisation should take advantage of business process outsourcing to Nigeria is for Economies of Scale.

Offshoring to Nigeria allows your organisation to benefit from economies of scale by leveraging larger workforces and shared resources. When offshoring to Nigeria, another factor to consider is accessing individuals with specialised skills.

Nigeria has a large pool of highly skilled professionals that will enhance the quality and efficiency of your organisation’s output, helping you to scale profitability.

Our time zone, which gives you extended operational hours or round-the-clock operations, as the case may be, is another factor that can drive your profitability.

Offshoring to Nigeria will give your businesses an edge with extended operational hours. Enabling a continuous workflow, speeding up processes, and improving responsiveness to customer needs.

You will agree that focusing on your core could be a challenge sometimes – the truth is that by offshoring non-core or routine tasks, you are helping your organisation redirect resources and energy toward core business activities, giving you a competitive advantage.

This focus on core competencies enhances overall business performance.

Also, for organisations looking to gain entry into emerging markets in Africa, offshoring to Nigeria can help facilitate market expansion by establishing a presence in the African region.

Another good thing about offshoring to Nigeria is that it provides your businesses with scalability and flexibility in operations. Upscaling and downscaling with ease without the need for significant changes. 

By offshoring to Nigeria, your organisation can benefit from some of the smartest top talents, benefitting from their perspectives that could contribute to innovation and process improvement. 

By offshoring to Nigeria, your organisation will have a competitive edge, cost efficiencies, and operational enhancements, contributing to the overall profitability and market competitiveness. 

Advantages of Business Process Outsourcing

There are many reasons organisations leverage BPO companies

Access to Experts and Innovation

Globally, the speed of Innovation and disruptions across the business world is at a bottleneck.

From the incursion of Artificial Intelligence into our daily lives to the advancement of robots and machines, it is a challenge for businesses to keep up with all the trends that do not align with their core offering.

For businesses looking to scale and thrive effectively, the only way out is to leverage BPO providers with world-class expertise to focus on their minor challenges while focusing on their core.

Cost Reduction and Efficiency

Cost reduction has always been at the foundation of offshoring. When businesses offshore, in most cases, they don’t have to worry about procuring facilities and equipment, as well as hiring, training, and retaining skilled personnel.

This strategic alliance will enable your organisation to channel scarce resources into more critical areas that would improve efficiency in the long run.

Globally, examples abound of businesses offshoring some of their operations to a trusted BPO partner – at Workforce Africa, we have helped some of the most successful businesses in Africa to reduce overhead costs by taking on some of their operations.

Operations such as - Workforce PEO and EOR, Workforce Payroll Outsourcing, Expatriates Management and Entity Support & Management amongst others.

Focus on Core Competencies

As time ticks away, the business world is becoming more competitive. Every industry is competitive; hence, your business needs to focus on its core strengths to stand any chance in this competitive business landscape.

This advantage of business process outsourcing will help you allocate resources effectively, innovate more efficiently, and ultimately gain a competitive edge globally.

Global Expansion

When an international organisation opts to enter a foreign market like Africa, it can delegate specific tasks necessitating local market insight, expertise in national laws, or proficiency in a foreign language to a BPO service provider like Workforce Africa.

This helps boost efficiency and facilitate fast and compliant expansion.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

BPO services can significantly enhance customer service, a vital aspect of business triumph in today's cutthroat environment.

For example, an e-commerce company could delegate its call centre or customer support operations to a BPO partner, guaranteeing round-the-clock customer support availability.

This continuous accessibility enriches customer contentment by delivering timely aid and promptly resolving queries or concerns.

BPO firms frequently specialise in customer service and dedicate resources to training outsourced employees to provide top-notch support, potentially leading to enhanced customer experiences and heightened loyalty for global businesses.

How to Choose the Right BPO Partner

Before picking a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) partner, businesses should ensure that the BPO provider is versed in four key areas

Bpo Industry Expertise

Different BPO service providers have their areas of specialisation.

Some are great for HR (recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training, and front-office operations like marketing and sales, while others specialise in back-office operations such as IT (network security, data backup, disaster recovery, etc.).


Many BPO companies are available, so choosing one with a good reputation and one that can meet your specific needs is important. Since Inception, Workforce Africa has become the most dependable choice to meet your expansion and talent needs.

We provide many services to businesses seeking to enter the African market, expand their operations in Africa, or succeed globally by leveraging African talent.

Tailored Solutions

Before engaging a BPO provider, it is important to define your business requirements. This will help you narrow your options in finding a provider that meets your business needs.

At Workforce Africa, we leverage our outside-in perspective, industry expertise, and years of experience to provide personalised services to enable our clients to stay on the cutting edge of talent acquisition and management in Africa.

Innovation and Technology

It’s also important to partner with a tech savvy BPO service provider using the latest cutting-edge technology, as this will ensure the business has one more edge over its competitors.

At Workforce Africa, we leverage cutting-edge technology to drive efficiency and effectiveness.


At Workforce Africa, we understand that the success of your business in Africa is driven by how well your team is managed. This is why we leveraged 19 years of experience and research to develop comprehensive solutions for you.

With our unique delivery model, we will help you kick off your operations in Africa within 48 hours or less.

Whether you need support with payroll, benefits administration, compliance complexities, or even more, our experts, based in more than 30 African markets, are always ready to simplify any difficulties and help you succeed.

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