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Nigeria - International HR Solutions and Services

Meeting the expansion and talent needs of global businesses looking to enter into or expand from Nigeria.
Nigeria - International HR Solutions and Services

Maximise Nigeria’s Potential with Workforce Africa – No Entity Needed

Our range of services for Nigeria offer a scope of benefits to help foreign companies seeking to:

Enter into the Nigeria market

Expand their operations in Cameroon

Succeed globally by leveraging talent in Nigeria

…without needing a registered entity.

However, we can also support your entities in Nigeria with any required International HR services for your remote, distributed and onsite teams in Nigeria. Our services, including hiring, onboarding, payroll, tax, compliance with local labour laws and more; ensure your organisation is fully compliant and able to operate smoothly in Nigeria.

In addition, our team of experts have extensive knowledge of the Nigerian market, so you can have confidence in our ability to provide top-quality support and guidance to your organisation.

Our Solutions for Nigeria

Nigeria PEO

Outsource all HR services from hiring and onboarding to payroll, talent management and more so that you can focus on winning in Nigeria.

Nigeria Employer of Record

Fast-track your global expansion journey by hiring and paying staff anywhere in Nigeria without setting up a local entity.

Nigeria Payroll Services​

Standardise payroll processing and compliance for your remote team in Nigeria.

Entity Support and Management​

Navigate the complex immigration processes for expatriate workers seamlessly; and ensure they settle in without hassle.

Independent Contractor Management

Find, hire and manage top Independent Contractors based in Nigeria. Avoid misclassification errors and other compliance concerns.

Nigeria Offshoring Services​​

Tap into Nigeria’s growing top talent network to drive your Nigeria-based initiatives.

Join the ranks of companies that trust Workforce Africa to manage their Nigeria payroll, compliance, and other PEO/EoR needs

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