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Spoken Language

French, Arabic 


Moroccan Dirham (MAD) 

Average hours & Overtime

Regular hours and overtime pay rates are set in the employment contracts or collective bargaining agreements. Stipulated work hour is 40 hours per week (including Saturday morning) excluding 1 hour lunch break.

Wages and salaries

Salaries are negotiated according to company schedules and market averages.
However, the minimum wage is set at 2,828.71 (gross salary) or $ 317.14. The minimum wage is revised on July 1 of each year

Observed National Holidays and vacation

Paid holidays include New Year’s Day, Anniversary of the Independence Manifesto, Labour Day, Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha, Throne Day, Islamic New Year, Oued Ed-Dahab Day, Revolution Day, Birthday of King Mohamed VI and Youth Day, Prophet’s Birthday, Green March Day, Independence Day of Morocco

Termination Notice

For executives and similar, according to their seniority:

  • less than a year: one month;
  • one year to 5 years: two months;
  • over 5 years: three months.

For employees and workers, according to their seniority:

  • less than one year: 8 days;
  • one year to 5 years: one month;
  • over 5 years: two months.

Paid Leave

Any employee is entitled, after six months of continuous service in the same company (or with the same employer), to paid annual leave, the duration of which is set at one and a half days of actual work per month of service, i.e. 18 days per year. 

Others Paid Leave : 

  • Maternity leave is set at 14 weeks 
  • 2 days for the employee’s wedding;
  • 1 day for the death of the employee’s spouse, father, mother or child.

Expats, Visas, & Work Permits

Employers are responsible for obtaining work & residence permits for their expatriate employees. 

Statutory Deductions

Statutory payroll deductions include : 

  • National Social Security Fund (C.N.S.S.) 
  • Compensation for loss of employment (I.P.E) 
  • Compulsory health insurance (A.M.O)
  • Income tax 

Health Insurance

Provision of health insurance for employees is a common practice, but it is not mandatory. 

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