Workforce Payroll Outsourcing

Standardise payroll processing regardless of currency, language, time zone and regulations
across Africa and gain global visibility to workforce spend.

Taking Charge of Payroll for Your African Workforce

Managing payroll across the continent with the multiple languages and unique compliance
requirements could be difficult for businesses expanding across Africa.
We have the experience and capability of managing payroll across Africa. Our world-class Payroll solution
integrates seamlessly with other leading payroll solutions, and lets you efficiently manage your
African payroll with prompt accuracy and complete compliance with relevant laws

Why choose our Workforce Payroll Solution?

We ensure that your team, anywhere in Africa is paid accurately and promptly. With Workforce Africa, you can be rest assured that your payroll needs in Africa are compliantly and professionally managed

Prompt Payroll Processing

We go above and beyond to ensure that all staff payments and benefits are promptly processed and paid according to the agreed dates.

Improved Productivity

Workforce Africa helps improve your productivity by making payroll faster and seamless with a streamlined process across your African footprint.​

Legal Presence

We operate through legally registered entities in any African country you want us to serve you in. therefore, we are able to ensure compliance with the relevant tax and employment laws.

Local Compliance

Be confident that the payroll of your Africa
workforce is always compliant with all local
legislation by relying on our local and accredited professionals across Africa.

Access to Comprehensive Reporting

We guarantee robust, real-time information (in a given currency) on your Africa workforce spend with a complete view of salary information

One Point of Contact

Workforce Africa offers you centralized services that help you coordinate your payroll operations across Africa through a single point of contact.

Prompt Payroll Processing

We go above and beyond to ensure that all staff payments and benefits are promptly processed and paid according to the agreed dates.

Prompt Payroll Processing

We go above and beyond to ensure that all staff payments and benefits are promptly processed and paid according to the agreed dates.

Benefits of Workforce Africa Payroll

Payroll management can be challenging and quite demanding, more so when it is for your team in Africa. Therefore, you stand to gain the following benefits by outsourcing your Payroll function to Workforce Africa:

Increased focus on your core business. Outsourcing administrative tasks such as payroll processing to us, frees up time that can be expended on more core and strategic business activities, thereby improving your business performance.

Positive Employee Experience. We understand the resource limitations experienced by most startups and global businesses in Africa, which typically impacts the quality of HR service provided to the staff. Outsourcing your payroll to Workforce Africa guarantees that your staff will experience world class HR service delivery. This in turn improves the overall employee experience and contributes to staff retention.

Cost Savings. Outsourcing your payroll ends up saving your business money that can be spent on more strategic initiatives. You save cost on investing in a Payroll software, hiring an in-house payroll expert (for different countries), work tools etc.

Ensure automatic management of time and attendance. Enable employees to request and approve time off and clock in and out from multiple devices.

Improve efficiency of HR administration. Aid in streamlined management of HR requests, time and expenses.

Subject Matter Expertise. Outsourcing your payroll to Workforce Africa means you have access to the best Payroll experts in any African country. Our Payroll experts are quite knowledgeable and have significant experience providing payroll support. You would also be dealing with experts with up to date knowledge of local laws and their implications on the Payroll.

We provide Payroll support to global brands

More than 1 Million payslips processed annually

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Workforce Payroll Outsourcing and Workforce PEO & EOR?

With the Workforce PEO & EOR, Workforce Africa manages your payroll as part of the complete solution, however, for the Workforce Payroll Outsourcing, you can outsource only the Payroll function to us, excluding other HR processes such as onboarding, performance management etc.

Who manages Payroll Tax under a Payroll Outsourcing arrangement

When you outsource your Payroll function to us anywhere in Africa, we would be responsible for withholding and remitting (to local authorities) the relevant taxes. This is also obtainable when we serve as your Employer of Record in any African country.

Who Takes Care of Compulsory Employer Contributions?

Workforce Africa, in addition to managing payroll also ensures all compulsory employer contributions are made to the relevant authorities. Some of these contributions may include Pension, insurance, social security contribution etc.

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