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Zambian Kwacha (ZMW)

Average hours & Overtime

Regular hours and overtime pay rates are set in the employment contracts or collective bargaining agreements. 
Stipulated work hour is 40 – 48 hours per week (5-6 days) excluding 1 hour lunch break.
Work done in excess of 48 hours will be paid out at one and a half times (1.5x)  the Employee’s hourly rate of pay. 
Work done on public holidays or Sundays will be paid out at double (2x) the Employee’s hourly rate of pay. 

Wages and salaries

There is a mandated minimum wage of ZMW1698.60.

Observed National Holidays and vacation

New Year’s Day
Women’s Day
Youth Day
Good Friday
Holy Saturday
Easter Monday
Labour Day
African Freedom Day
Heroes’ Day
Unity Day
Farmers’ Day
National Day of Prayer
Independence Day
Christmas Day

Paid Leave

Annual Leave is 24 days per year 
Maternity leave is 14 weeks (excl special provisions)
Paternity leave is 5 days
Family Responsibility Leave is 7 days per year
Compassionate Leave is 12 days per year

Expats, Visas, & Work Permits

Employers are responsible for obtaining work & residence permits for their expatriate employees. 

Termination Notice

Notice period depends on the contractual agreement but ranges from 1 day to 3

Statutory Deductions

Statutory payroll deductions include:

  • Paye (Pay as you Earn)
  • Napsa (National Pension Scheme)
  • NHIS (National Health Insurance) 

Health Insurance

Provision of health insurance for employees is Mandatory through the Governments’ NHIS where both Employer and Employee contribute, but it is a common practice for Employer to have private Medical Scheme, but it is not mandatory. 

Important Information

Foreign employees who fail to renew their work permit with the government face up imprisonment, deportation, and a fine.

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