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PEO for Startups: 5 Reasons to Use One When Expanding to Nigeria

February 20, 2023


PEOs provide start-ups with a quick and cost-effective way to enter new markets compliantly.
They also allow start-ups to outsource HR functions such as payroll, benefits administration, and compliance, allowing them to focus on core business activities.

Considering a Professional Employment Organisation services (PEO) for startups?

When you start a new business, there's a lot to think about: where will it be located? Who will be involved? What is the scope of work? How are you going to run the business?

The answers to these questions can seem overwhelming at first, but there are steps business owners can take to ensure they are taking advantage of all of the resources available before even starting a company or an expansion journey

Startups face many challenges, from the competitive nature of their industries to the pressure to deliver new products or services.

As a startup, you need to work with people who share your vision and passion for the company.

Understanding PEO for Startups

When it comes to starting a business in today's economy, many entrepreneurs need some supporting structure or framework within which they can operate their new venture; this is where a Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) comes in.

A startup PEO service provider offers such a framework by providing everything from quick access to financial information on taxes, regulations regarding payroll, and employee benefits to office space at reasonable costs.

Recent Harvard research highlights that many startups fail due to the lack of structure, which can be a major roadblock in their business growth.

Hence, adding structure can lead to better accountability and greater control, which is why it's important you consider using a reliable and professional entity that can effectively carry out specialised tasks.

Partnering with a Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) is a way startups can bring more structure to their business, allowing them to free up valuable time and resources and focus on growing their business effectively.

A startup PEO has the ability to help you attract and retain top talent while ensuring you never fall short of your goals.

They can also provide an opportunity for you to test new markets or respond to growing business needs quickly while lifting compliance and operational complexities.

In order words, crucial employee management tasks like hiring, payroll, and benefits can be managed by a PEO for startups while the business maintains the desired level of control over their workforce.

Asides from all of this, what benefits does a startup stand to gain when they use a PEO? And why should a startup use a PEO?

Why Should You Leverage a PEO for Startups When Expanding?

Many startup owners are leveraging outsourced services to gain a greater competitive advantage. Here's why your startup needs PEO services when expanding to Nigeria:

To Stay Compliant

The world of HR has changed dramatically in recent years. As new regulations and labour laws are being introduced, it's more important than ever to be prepared for their impact on your business.

It can be difficult for a startup to keep up with all the new rules and regulations introduced by governments around the globe.

A PEO like Workforce Africa can help you establish the best practices for managing HR within your organisation so you can focus on running your business instead of worrying about legal compliance problems.

Reduced Cost

By outsourcing some administrative tasks to a PEO, startups can save money on payroll taxes and others fees, as well as on training new employees.

So if you're trying to grow your company fast, or if you're just starting, a PEO is an excellent way to save money, offload the burden of administrative work and cut down the time it will take you to get things done.

Shared Liability

Navigating the constantly shifting state and local employment regulations can be challenging and time-consuming for businesses. And breaches in legal requirements can result in hefty fines and legal penalties.

A PEO helps your startup avoid potential issues.

They are also prepared to take on responsibility because PEOS split the risk of employment-related legal problems. For example, a PEO partnership will share or take on legal issues relating to hiring, staffing, or employment.

Rapid Market Entry

If you're looking to enter a new market quickly, you need employees willing to move across borders without legal entities or agents. You also need those employees to be paid rightly and on time.

A PEO works as an intermediary between the startup hiring workers and the worker—they manage all the legal requirements and payroll without affecting the employee's day-to-day work.

In turn, this allows your company to expand their business more quickly to increase production, develop new products, improve customer service, and adapt rapidly to meet customers' demands.

Access to Top Talent

Getting great people on board is one of the biggest problems that many businesses have. It is partially because many small companies cannot provide new hires with an attractive benefits package.

Additionally, to attract and retain high-performing talent, startups need to provide new hires with incentives to stay in the face of the continued labour shortage.

PEOs have the resources needed to offer supplemental insurance, wellness programme, retirement plans, critical HR services and more.

Since PEOs have a well-established infrastructure, they might offer advantages that a smaller company couldn't deliver, boosting the startup's competitiveness and cutting turnover rates.

Reasons Investors Prefer their Startups Use PEOs

Every investor wants to ensure that their funds are being used judiciously and are generating the intended or promised ROI. Money acquired to launch and expand a business will eventually run out unless adequately managed.

Investors understand that startups that outsource HR responsibilities to a PEO can do more, save time, and solely focus on growing the business. For this reason, they are likely to consider such startups before others.

Also, PEOs save investors and business founders money. More than anything else, investors like to see startups as frugal with the capital invested. Hence, PEOs are ideal because they're cost-effective compared to sourcing essential functions individually.

Offering top-notch perks at competitive costs attract the right talent and can significantly improve the organisation's bottom line. PEOs can easily offer talent such compensation and benefits, giving the investor so much revenue and satisfaction.

What We Can Do for You

As you begin the journey of taking your startup to the next growth phase or planning your expansion into Nigeria, consider leveraging the services of a dedicated PEO for startups.

Workforce Africa is a professional employment organisation that can help you scale your advantage in Nigeria -an ultra-competitive business environment- manage your employees, and create a thriving market for you in Africa.

It's time to rethink your approach to global expansion. If you're considering expanding into Nigeria, you probably already have a lot of great ideas for how your business can grow.

But if you're ready to take that next step and hire employees in foreign markets, employ our startup PEO Services to save significant expansion costs and speed up your entry into the Nigerian market.

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