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5 Strategic PEO Services You Don't Know About

5 Strategic PEO Services You Don’t Know About

When most business leaders think about PEO services, they think only about tactical HR functions such as benefits administration and payroll processing.

However, that’s not all that professional employer organisations can offer. A select group of PEOs offer highly strategic HR services that could potentially transform businesses.  

The following are five strategic PEO services that highly specialised organisations offer.

1. Strategic Planning 

Strategic planning is the process of defining the goals of an organisation for the immediate future and the strategies by which these goals will be achieved and resourced.

The quality of an organisation’s strategic plan is pivotal to the business’s success, which is why strategic planning is considered an elite service offered only by highly experienced specialists within PEOs. 

When these HR specialists go to work within organisations, they start by first gaining an in-depth understanding of the products and services of the business, its fundamental business objectives, and the value they place on their human capital.  

By asking the right questions and discovering what organisations genuinely value, the specialists help organisations focus on their vision for the next one, three and five years. This information is then used to develop procedures and processes that will support the business’ objectives. 

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2. Corporate Coaching

The power of corporate coaching to significantly improve an organisation’s performance has been verified by both research and client testimonials.

It is now embraced as a solution by an increasing number of executives because it takes them from where they are now to where they want to be. 

When delivered by well-trained experts, corporate coaching delivers extraordinary and sustainable results and a significant return on investment (ROI)

When you partner with a well-established PEO service provider, coaching services are included in your service package at your request. And some PEOs go as far as to provide certified training and development specialists who can help you identify your company’s training needs and facilitate various types of training within your organisation. 

3. Compensation Services

Establishing and maintaining the ability to attract, retain, and motivate highly talented employees – while controlling total labour costs – is arguably the most difficult challenge for organisations today.  

Some professional employer organisations can provide clients with the opportunity to get advice directly from compensation experts on matters such as: 

  • Compensation planning  
  • Compensation philosophy/strategy 
  • Pay-for-strategic value 

4. Succession Planning

The process of identifying and grooming prospective future leaders and senior managers to fill critical jobs is known as succession planning.

Though succession planning is one of the most critical aspects of talent management, we frequently find that it is not always well managed by many in-house HR professionals.  

Unfortunately, ineffective succession planning or the lack thereof has a high cost attached to it. As a result, making sure that a company always has the right leaders in place should a change happen quickly, is one of the most powerful services that a PEO service provider can render to businesses.

When done correctly, this process can reduce downtime and save businesses a lot of problems. 

 5. Employee Surveys

A carefully designed and conducted employee survey can reveal a great deal of information about employee perceptions that management can use to improve the workplace.   

Employee surveys are essential because they measure staff’s perception of their work environment, company culture and organisational leadership.

Some of the areas frequently measured are engagement, benefits, communication, commitment, and trust. And the results obtained from these surveys can go a long way in fast-tracking organisational development. However, surveys are only valuable when right actions follow the results. 

PEO service providers can deliver different kinds of surveys such as employee opinion, on-boarding, compensation perception and exit surveys.  

Kindly bear in mind that strategic HR services are going to vary from organisation to organisation. Therefore, it’s prudent to do your research and look at what each PEO has to offer before deciding which one offers the most value and ROI to your organisation. 

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