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5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Business Needs a PEO Solution

How to know if your business needs a PEO solution

Is your business growing faster than its ability to keep up with the necessary day-to-day HR to-do list? Is this beginning to affect matters like employee hiring, retention, engagement, and productivity, thereby threatening your company’s performance and reputation as an employer of choice? 

Does your HR team have little time for strategic tasks because they are heavily bogged down in tactical and administrative human resources tasks? 

Are you seriously considering hiring more hands into your HR unit, but at the same time plagued with worry that too many employees will eventually result in increased costs and underutilization of your resources? 

It may be time to adopt a PEO solution. 

Here are 5 warning signals that you mustn’t sweep under the carpet— signals that your organisation urgently needs the support services of a professional employer organisation.

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5 Warning Signals You Need Support Services a Professional Employer Organisation

#1. Your organisation is perpetually in fire-fighting mode

If complaints from your customers keep rising, and the mistakes reported are things that you aren’t aware of, it’s a definite sign that you have too much on your plate, and this in turn is deflecting your attention from how well your employees or processes are working.  

Though the issues that keep popping up may seem like small stuff, when they continue unabated, mismanaged small matters almost always lead to big problems.

The fact is, no organisation can grow beyond a certain point if it doesn’t put a proven system in place to keep tabs on employee performance and process efficiency. These things require frequent monitoring and follow-ups. 

A PEO solution can help your business in this regard. 

# 2. Your competition is successfully wooing your employees with five-star benefit packages 

One of the biggest issues that distraction causes is that it leaves you with no time to focus on the things that count— things like a benefits package that compares to what other employers are offering.

The reality is that without a competitive benefits package, your business might not be able to attract or retain top talent. These days, employee benefits is no longer a nice-to-have, it is a must-have! 

Take the time to deeply investigate how your benefits stack up against your competitors. If your findings worry you, a Professional Employer Organisation like Workforce Africa can work with you to negotiate and administer a robust benefits package that will position your business to attract top talent. 

# 3. Your organisation has been penalised for compliance violations

When it comes to matters of the law, ignorance is never an acceptable excuse. Every organisation, big or small is expected to comply with all HR-related government regulations.

As employment law and other HR-related government compliance regulations continue to evolve, it inevitably places a demand on most businesses. And so, if your organisation has experienced penalization for compliance violation, it’s a sign to get partnered with a PEO. 

# 4. Your employees are quitting in droves

One of the worst things that can happen to any business is to have top talent quit in droves. Sadly, this happens all too often in organisations where managers aren’t engaged with employees.

When there is a breakdown in manager-employee relationship, when your managers are not in tune with what keeps your workforce engaged, research shows that even the smartest and most motivated employee will become frustrated and shut down eventually.

Businesses that fail to keep their best employees satisfied will struggle to compete at par with their competition.  

# 5. Payroll is consuming too much time and stressing your team  

It’s all too easy to foul up a process as intricate as payroll, and yet, payroll is crucial for your business.

If your HR team is spending most of its time trying to stay on top of payroll – or correcting errors that result from an inefficient process, it’s a sure-fire sign to hand that process to a Professional Employer Organisation. 

Here’s exactly how a PEO Solution like Workforce Africa can help Nigerian and international start-ups and SMEs win.

PEO Solutions for Nigerian and International Start-ups & SMEs 

A. Robust Benefits

 Our consolidated presence across Africa means that we can provide your employees with access to competitive benefits that include medical insurance, retirement plans and much more. Our comprehensive benefits package can help you attract and retain top talent. 

B. Administrative Relief

During the period that you need to focus insanely on your core activities to grow your business, we’ll take the burden of managing tedious payroll and tax filings tasks from your shoulders. Just think for a second about how much extra time this will save your team each month. 

C. Simplified Employee Onboarding

Our comprehensive, integrated HR technology allows your organisation to easily provide compliant new hire paperwork as well as keep track of employee data in one convenient online platform. 

D. Strategic Support

17 years of supporting a cross-section of industries with both tactical and strategic HR functions have given us an edge. We can help you develop and implement an HR strategy for your company – at its current size and as it grows.

E. Guidance With HR-Related Government Compliance

Our team of experts are always on hand to provide valuable advice on employment-related federal, state and local government regulations. Our specialists can also help you develop solutions for tricky situations that sometimes arise between employees.

You can lean on their seasoned and impartial guidance to help determine the best path to help satisfy the parties involved and protect your business. 

Establishing a partnership with a professional employment organisation will help your company reduce risks with labour-related compliance and liability issues. 

At Workforce Africa, we can shoulder all compliance matters so that you can run your company without added stress. Contact us today for more information about deploying a PEO solution. 

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