Entering the Nigeria market –

Comparing & Choosing Employer of Record (EoR) Companies in Nigeria

February 27, 2023


EoR companies in Nigeria can help businesses hire, support, pay and manage the compliance needs of remote and distributed teams across the continent.

However, partnering with the wrong provider could botch Africa-focused initiatives. To succeed, businesses must consider potential partners' experience, capacity, pricing structure and service delivery.

Selecting EoR companies in Nigeria requires an understanding of your needs and unique contexts.

And as the world becomes more interdependent, businesses are finding it easier to expand beyond geographical boundaries and capitalise on international opportunities.

As a result, businesses can now grow faster and more comprehensively when they leverage an eor service provider.

Entering a new market for the first time as a global or medium-sized business can be difficult, but by partnering with an Employer of Record, you can easily navigate a completely different economic, cultural, political, and social environment.

But first...

What Is an (Employer of Record) EoR?

An employer of record (EoR) allows businesses to legally hire and collaborate with employees in other countries without establishing their own local entity in that country while remaining fully compliant with local employment and tax laws.

It is crucial to understand the various types of EoR providers in Nigeria to ensure that employers are not violating any employment regulations.

EoR companies in Nigeria can be classified into two types:

Corporate employer of record providers:

This is frequently large multinational corporations that act as employers for employees who work in multiple countries.

Third-party record providers

On the other hand, act as employers for their employees who work solely in Nigeria.

Third-party employers frequently have a more flexible payment structure and are not required to provide the same taxes and benefits as corporate employers.

This is because they do not offer these benefits themselves but rather assist their clients in locating an appropriate third-party provider who can

However, before choosing EoR companies in Nigeria, consider the type of employee you need to hire as well as the kind of company you have or plan to have.

EoR Companies in Nigeria - What to Consider During Selection

When looking for an effective Employer of Record in Nigeria, make sure they have a proven track record of global hiring experience and a thorough understanding of Nigeria's business culture and local laws.

However, other factors must be considered when selecting an EOR in Nigeria:

Has the EoR previously worked with organisations similar to the hiring company?

The EOR should have prior experience hiring in Nigeria and a history of working with organisations of similar size and industry to yours. Suppose an Employer of record has only previously worked with very large companies.

In that case, they may not be accustomed to providing the one-on-one personal touch points that a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) or startup may require. 

Therefore, the decision to partner with an employer of record, such as Workforce Africa, should be chosen based on their previous experience working with a similar organisation.

Is the Employer of Record responsible for providing support services?

Check that the Employer of Record provider has experienced HR professionals who can provide you with the assistance you require when hiring and onboarding new international employees, as well as throughout the employee lifecycle.

In addition, the EOR's consultative services should be reliable, and you should be aware of how quickly they respond to your questions.

Using an EOR company that lacks expertise in these areas opens the door to liabilities, mistakes, and costly penalties that can arise.

Is the Employer of Record open about pricing?

When choosing from EoR service providers in Nigeria, make sure you choose one that is transparent about its pricing. On top of their initial quotes, some EORs may charge setup fees, taxes, or termination fees.

Furthermore, they may later introduce hidden fees and markups, which can alter your budget and affect multiple departments within your company.

Every Employer of record service provider has a set system for charging for its services. While some EoRs charge a flat fee for each employee, others charge a flat percentage rate based on the employee's salary.

Furthermore, you must determine whether the rate charged by the EOR service provider is appropriate for your current growth stage. Therefore, you should request that your prospective EOR present all aspects of their pricing upfront.

How trustworthy and reputable is the EoR?

First and foremost. How long has the company been in business? You should first investigate how long the Employer of Record has been in business and who their current clientele is.

As you know, EOR providers in Nigeria, could charge various administrative tasks in your company's operations.

These may include local payroll processing, presenting yourself as a legal employer in your host country, compliance with Nigerian labour laws, and managing benefits administration for your international employees.

As a result, you want to ensure that they have extensive experience in the aforementioned areas to ensure workplace safety, avoid compliance risks, and give you peace of mind that your company is in good hands.

What is the model of service?

Consider the provider's service model when determining which provider might be the best partner for your organisation.

The methods by which your EOR provider will provide their services will impact the success of your global operations.

Some EoR partners, for example, provide basic services that address your day-to-day HR administration needs. However, it is best practice to select an Employer of Record who can manage your company's entire employment lifecycle.

Hiring, onboarding, payroll management, regular HR administration, and ensuring full compliance with employment laws are all part of this. Another thing to consider is whether the service you're interested in is a core part of their business.

Ultimately, when comparing and deciding upon EOR companies in Nigeria, keep your goals in focus.

Are you looking for comprehensive employer solutions? Do you need assistance with onboarding new employees? Are you seeking a partner who can streamline benefits processing?

Then Workforce Africa trusted Employer of record partner in Nigeria with personalised expertise and unmatched scale in over 24 countries, is the best partner for your global business. For further enquiry, send a mail to  hello@workforceafrica.com

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