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Transition to Workforce PEO

We can help your business transition from a local subsidiary to using a PEO/ Employer of Record for workforce management

Do you have an established business operation already in Africa? Then, you may be able to achieve significant cost savings by engaging an Employer of Record to manage your workforce instead of doing so via your local entity. Workforce Africa has the required capabilities and experience to support a successful transition from local entities (such as a subsidiary company) to an Employer of Record.

Over time, maintaining multiple overseas entities (more so in Africa) can become costly and time consuming. Switching from a local entity to a Global PEO could save you a lot in ongoing costs

Why switch from a local entity to Workforce PEO

Switching from a local entity to an Africa PEO and Employer of Record can save your business considerable time and money. Through our Africa PEO, we manage payroll, HR, recruitment, and employee onboarding. This removes the burden of establishing different entities in multiple locations.

The following are some of the benefits your business can derive from transitioning your Africa workforce to an Africa PEO.

You are able to minimize operational costs as we will administer payroll and benefits at a lower cost than your local entity would.​
Achieve savings via reduced compliance costs. You don’t need to engage separate lawyers or tax advisors.​

We take off your hands all employer’s responsibilities, administration, and HR tasks. This affords you more time to focus on growing your business in Africa

We operate through legally registered entities in any African country you want us to serve you in. Therefore, we are able to ensure compliance with the relevant tax and employment laws.

Payments (Payroll, administrative cost etc.) are simplified across all your operational locations in Africa, with just one monthly invoice.

Deal with Workforce Africa as the one point of contact and partner for all your African operations, instead of multiple entities across the continent.

A Simple Overview of Employment and Labor Law in Nigeria

  • Firstly, you will sign an agreement with Workforce Africa that outlines how the partnership between both parties will operate, this will also include the necessary solutions and support mechanisms to be provided by Workforce Africa.
  • Where there are members of staff currently employed by the local entity, arrangements are made to terminate the existing contracts and commence new contracts with Workforce Africa. The staff may also be switched to the PEO under the existing terms.
  • Going forward, Workforce Africa will hire and onboard staff members for your Africa operations, issuing compliant employment contracts that outline compensation, benefits, employee responsibilities, and rules around termination.
  • Once the terms of the transition have been finalized, Workforce Africa is responsible for the ongoing management and processing of payroll. We will also pay wages and salaries, all income tax and ensure all compulsory employer contributions are administered.
  • On an ongoing basis, Workforce Africa oversees HR duties and manages any employee grievances as they arise. We will collaborate with you regarding employee performance and the effective resolution of any conflicts. In consultation with you, we will facilitate all employee renewals and terminations.

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