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Success Story: Genomic Research Firm

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The Client
Our client’s goal is to build genetic data sets that make landmark discoveries a reality, significantly improving the diversity of genomic data used for discovering, diagnosing, and treating disease by increasing the availability and access to genomic data from African populations. As a result, pharmaceutical research and development lacks the diverse data that may hold the key to medical discoveries and new healthcare solutions.
The Need
Our client was planning to expand its operations into multiple African countries and needed a partner to serve as a single point of contact and manage its staff in numerous African countries. They needed a partner with a swift and efficient onboarding process to onboard staff in multiple African countries as quickly as possible.
What We Did
Leveraging our broad network in multiple African countries, we could onboard and manage our client’s staff in numerous African countries, including South Africa, Kenya, Senegal and Tanzania.
With Workforce Africa, our client onboarded their staff in multiple African countries without dealing with the complications and risks associated with labour laws in different African countries. They currently have operations in four African countries and are still expanding.

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