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Unlock Africa’s untapped potential at a fraction of global labour costs

At Workforce Africa, we're not just offering offshoring services – we're pioneering a transformative journey into Africa's untapped potential.

As your premier offshoring partner, we bring you a unique blend of advantages that span cost efficiencies, top-qualified talent and more that position your business for unprecedented success and growth.

Leverage the offshoring advantage

We understand that success is not solely about cutting costs; it's about optimizing efficiency and unlocking boundless potential. Our Offshoring solutions are designed to help you unleash benefits that revolutionize the way you do business. 

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Unmatched Quality Standards

Teams are handpicked for their unwavering commitment to excellence. Rigorous quality control measures, backed by our ISO certification, ensure that every deliverable meets the highest standards, leaving no room for compromise. 

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Tap into a vast pool of highly skilled professionals who want to help you make a difference – at a fraction of the cost you'd spend locally.

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Operational Risk Mitigation

Safeguard your business with our rigorous recruitment process, well-documented procedures, and the latest security solutions to ensure your people, processes, and technology are safe. We also offer comprehensive insurance coverage to provide protection against unforeseen events.    
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Regulatory Compliance

Leverage our experience across the African terrain in navigating complex regulatory requirements to ensure your operations comply with relevant laws and regulations.
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Data Protection

Experience state-of-the-art data protection protocols to safeguard intellectual property, customer information, and other critical data. We prioritise your data confidentiality and integrity throughout our partnership.
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Seamless Scalability

Ramp up your workforce effortlessly and adapt to changing market demands with ease, maintaining a competitive edge no matter how turbulent the landscape.
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Round-the-Clock Productivity

Say goodbye to time zone constraints and embrace a new era of 24/7 productivity. Our teams work out of geographies that make them available even when you sleep!

Creating Social Impact

Empower individuals with better living standards through deliberate impact sourcing initiatives that provide decent work to underserved communities.

Why Source Virtual Talent from Africa?

Competitive Labor Costs

Benefit from competitive labour costs when you tap into competent talent pools in Africa where the cost of living — and, as a result — compensation, is comparatively lower than in major economies. Maximise your budget without compromising quality.

Highly Skilled Workforce

Access a highly skilled and diverse workforce with expertise across various domains. Leverage their skills to drive innovation and productivity within your organisation.

Time-Zone Compatibility

Seamlessly collaborate with professionals in time zones that align with your business operations. Enjoy increased efficiency and real-time communication for global projects.

Language Proficiency

Leverage professionals proficient in multiple major languages (like English), facilitating clear communication and global reach for your business initiatives.

Impact Sourcing Opportunities

Support social responsibility initiatives by engaging in impact sourcing – empowering underprivileged communities while meeting your business objectives. Make a positive impact while achieving your goals.

Our solutions for you

Business Accounting Support Services

The accounting function lies at the core of every thriving organization. While not always in the spotlight, these essential functions are indispensable in ensuring the seamless operation of any business. However, as a business scales, maintaining efficiency in accounting activities can swiftly escalate into a significant challenge due to resource constraints.

To mitigate this challenge, we meticulously conceived our Business Accounting Support Services to offer cost-effective support to scale businesses. Our expert teams assume control of your accounting tasks cost-effectively, freeing up valuable resources and enabling your business to focus on advancing its strategic objectives. In doing so, we strengthen the very backbone of your business, laying down a solid foundation for a trajectory of sustained success.  

Legal Support Services

Navigating the complexities of the legal landscape — encompassing contracts, compliance, intellectual property, and litigation — can be a complex and demanding endeavour. Furthermore, as your business grows, the burden of managing legal responsibilities intensifies, potentially sidetracking you from essential operations and customer satisfaction.


Our specialized legal support teams are fully equipped to proficiently cater to your changing needs. Leveraging expertise in Contract and Legal Document Review, Due Diligence Assessment, Legal Research, Risk Management, Compliance, and beyond, we are here to shoulder the legal complexities so that you can remain focused on your core business and strategic objectives.

Back-Office Support Services

In the fast-paced business world, success often lies in the efficiency and effectiveness of your back-office operations. And since leaving success to chance is a mistake, we designed our Back Office Support Services to keep your business running while you focus on what truly matters – customers, innovation and growth.

Conceived to overcome hurdles such as inexperience and disjointed service delivery, our Back Office Support Services stand as a beacon of reliability. Our dedicated teams adeptly oversee critical or vital back-office functions, allowing you to redirect your valuable resources towards the core objectives that propel your business forward.

What businesses do we serve?

Workforce Africa’s outsourced accounting services serve a variety of client types including:

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