Winning with Outsourcing -

Winning with Outsourcing: Driving Business Growth with African Expertise ​


February 13, 2024

09:00am (GMT-8), 06:00pm (WAT)

Virtual (Zoom)

Free for anyone

In a highly competitive market, acquiring (and retaining) the best talent can be the difference between success—and failure. With skilled workers few and far between, companies globally are turning to outsourcing to supplement their teams and enable growth. Most business leaders understand outsourced workers produce cost savings, yet many other lesser-known benefits can be gained.

In this webinar, Workforce Africa explores why an outsourced model is a winning strategy for global businesses, including the several reasons international companies outsource to Africa.

Join us to acquire invaluable insights into the benefits of outsourcing to Africa, exploring the strategies, efficient management practices, and optimal scaling methodologies. ​Your business is on course for sustainable growth with talents from Africa.​

In this session, Workforce Africa will share insights into various growth strategies available for global business and the right approach to outsourcing and managing an offshore team with particular emphases on:

  • The benefits of offshore outsourcing to Africa​

  • Addressing the major concerns of global firms on offshore outsourcing

  • Navigating the unique challenges associated with offshoring to Africa and strategies to overcome them

  • Effective management of remote and distributed teams in Africa – Case studies

  • How to expedite the process of hiring the right talent

  • And more.

This event is open to all business leaders who want to explore offshore outsourcing options, whether focusing on flexibility, scalability, cost efficiency or understanding how to maintain a strong company culture and communication with a remote team. Secure your space today.

Meet our Speaker

Uche Ezeamaku

Director of International Business, Workforce Africa

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